The most common estate planning instrument is the Last Will and Testament. This instrument is the springboard for the rest of a solid estate plan. This document, when properly executed, provides instructions on how a person’s debts and assets are handled and distributed, respectively, after death. The Will also nominates the person the testator (the person that creates the Will) desires to have in charge of any Probate proceeding and the powers that person has. This person is called a Personal Representative. Understandably, this document has significant legal power and must be done correctly. Additionally, the Will should be reviewed periodically to ensure the provisions match the person’s life circumstances. For instance, the way in which a person wants their assets distributed may change upon marriage, divorce, or after children. The Estate Planning Attorneys at Rosales Lopez have drafted numerous Wills for clients in a variety of life circumstances. This experience allows them to help customize creative and effective Wills for each client to maximize and realize the client’s desires and to avoid litigation down the road. If you do not have a Will, or if you are not sure whether your Will is properly updated to match your circumstances, please feel free to give us a call to discuss.