Probate Litigation

Sometimes Probate is not so straightforward. Unfortunately, the Probate Attorneys at the Law Office of Fausto A. Rosales have seen a number of cases that hit stumbling blocks along the way, causing litigation. Some examples of these scenarios include, but are not limited to creditors’ claims, Trust/Will Contests (i.e., a challenge to the validity of a Will being admitted to Probate), allegations of undue influence or fraud, disputes over entitlement of certain property in an estate, or when the acting personal representative is not properly managing the estate. These situations lead to, often times, contentious litigation. If you or someone you know anticipates litigation in an estate they are involved in, or if there are questions regarding your rights or protecting your interests with respect to an estate, the experienced Probate Attorneys at the law firm of Rosales Lopez are willing and able to discuss your situation.